Introducing Raahz

Introducing Raahz

Raahz, the songstress from Charlotte, NC is turning a new leaf. This journey as she calls it reemerged during the pandemic, when like many she was forced to sit with herself. During her loneliest hours she turned to her faith in God and music. Music was the only thing that brought her peace and joy some days. It was after an emotional singing session one night that reassured her this was more than just an ability. She embraced her voice as a gift from the most high.


Who is Raahz?

I'm definitely a I'd rather show you then tell you type of person. But, if I had to describe myself in words: I'm eccentric, silly and wise. I'm kind hearted and strive to live by the golden rule. I love learning and moving through life as an experience. I feel most balanced surrounded by loved ones, nature, good food and inspiring art.  

I'm a creator whose purpose is to encourage and spread peace, love and light. I'm finally in a space where I feel comfortable sharing my gifts with others.

Tell us more about your upbringing

I was born and raised in Charlotte. I grew up in a somewhat conservative and religious household. Sunday dinners are huge in my family. My love for food and cooking definitely comes from the women in my life. Soul food is the best food in the world idc idc. My family would probably describe me as a shy little girl. I enjoyed school, I was an honor roll student and very involved in extracurriculars. I played softball and was a Girl Scout throughout grade school.

I always knew I was eccentric as a child, but I wasn’t comfortable with standing out. I kept to myself a lot, because I felt misunderstood and I’ve never been the type to prove or explain myself to anyone. I've always loved dressing up. I would walk in my mom's heels as a kid. By high school, I began upcycling clothes and dyeing my hair like every other month. Becoming expressive through my words took time, but I gravitated to expression through my appearance early on.

What inspired you to begin expressing yourself musically?

Music is the only constant in my life. It's always been there and I believe it always will be. I've been singing since I could talk. I grew up singing in the church and I remember freestyling songs at my grandparent's church as a kid. I've always loved singing even though, I didn't like my voice when I was younger. It's taken time for me to accept the texture and fullness of my voice. Outside of singing in church, songwriting is what really solidified music's place in my heart.

Writing poetry and music is an outlet for me, it's therapeutic and freeing. I have so many different writing styles and inspirations I pull from. Writing to beats is actually new for me and has been a fun challenge, it's helping me develop my sound.  

It’s clear music is inspirational to you, what else inspires you?

I'm blessed to say simple things inspire me. Love at its core inspires me because pure love is simple. I love nature, it’s beautiful and peaceful. I come from great stock, my village that raised me inspire me to stay humble and maintain a giving heart. 

How does it feel knowing your debut release is dropping soon?

There's a sense of pride I feel, because I'm finally doing it. “It” as in living out my purpose. Of course there are nerves involved. Being an artist is a very vulnerable position. However, I'm doing my best to be present and to enjoy the journey.

Why now?

There’s no time like the present. Since I can remember, I’ve envisioned myself on stages singing and connecting with people through storytelling. This has always been my dream. It just took me some time and courage to walk in it.

Candidly, the pandemic and the past few years of adulting made me feel like I needed to change the narrative in my life. Going through growing pains and now defining what I want out of life is why I’m ready now more than ever. 

The more I grow as an artist, the more I realize my calling is higher. To be clear, I'm still anxious about putting myself out there. However, my faith is finally trumping my fear.

You launched Araysun in 2021 as an apparel brand, is it safe to say the direction for Araysun has changed?

Araysun was never just an apparel brand. Araysun is a lifestyle. I created the word when I was 16, heavily inspired by the play ‘A Raisin in the Sun’. Araysun means euphoric beings exuding their light. My favorite ways to shine my light are through music, poetry and my sense of style. My brand embodies all of that. As Araysun grows, it will gain more and more avenues, expanding beyond music and fashion. But for now those are the main focal points.

What can we expect from your debut project?

This is a journey, literally. This is just an introduction to who I am and who I am becoming. As I always say I'm still in my prelude. So stay tuned!


Peace. Love. Light.


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